Our familiy is dedicated to hospitality since a long time.

We will welcome you in our ancient farmhouse, a rural spot situated in the quiet plain of Verona, near to historic, economic and cultural interest places.

We mostly care the service to provide you a good stay, and to welcome and revere you.
The tourist or the worker that due to his job desires a welcoming, convenient and quiet place to rest and rejuvenate from the daily routine, will found the DD Clara bed and breakfast in Salizzole (Verona – Italy) the ideal site for a great stay.

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The farmhouse

DD Clara bed and breakfast is located in an old farmhouse dating back to the sixteenth century. A drawing from 1571 showed Messer Filippo Prandini as the owner of the property.
It was originally formed by the main house, the pigeon house and fence walls.


In 1653 the property passed to the family Cavazzocca. A few years later, by his daughter Julia's legacy the house changed ownership again passing to her's husband Leonardo Brenzoni.

Our story

Today, the old manor house of Salizzole (Verona - Italy), whose walls are partly built with river stones, is still immune from incongruous restructuring.
In 1997 the court was purchased by Mr. Danilo De Mori (father of Stefania and Stefano) who skilfully managed to restore the barn which is the current bed and breakfast.

The evolution

The cottage has been tastefully restored with expertise by the new owner, Danilo De Mori who bought the farmhouse in 1997. Today it hosts his daughter, Stefania who leads the structure hosting the lucky visitors with courtesy, together with his daughter Clara and her's husband Andrea.

The place

Our property offers a refreshment service for customers from both every part of Italy and worlwide which want to visit areas of Mantua Verona Vicenza Rovigo.

Arrived at the bed and breakfast you will find a safe parking within the grounds for visitors.

The wide open spaces of a typical old farmhouse in rural will allow you to leave the stress caused by cramped urban spaces and enjoy a truly unique rest.

Hospitality is our main course, and the ambience in which we will welcome you will not be outdone.